MNDL Capital Promocion

We develop projects. We are the key entry point for international investors in the area, looking for a partner who understands their needs and is deeply rooted in Andalusia.

We find special investment opportunities, we structure and develop our market differentiating projects and achieve high value- added.

Before investing, we find unique buying opportunities. We analyse potential reforms and/or new projects and study the possible exploitation thereof. As a result, the investment risk is considerably reduced and expected returns are increased.

Our competitive advantage are the professional and personal links with both international investors and with our regional partners.  We have a long history of collaboration with the most prestigious companies in the area.

To identify investment opportunities and to professionally exploit finished projects, we collaborate with specialized companies as needed. For the development of projects and/or reforms we have an exclusive agreement with Piezas Hábitat, the market leader for this type of project in Andalusia. This agreement benefits directly our projects and our investors.

Our latest projects are: Casa MANDAL and Al-Atlántico.

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